• Location: 20 km southwest of Mandalay
  • Status: capital of Sagaing Division
  • Area: 2,483.2 square km
  • Population: 652,591 (estimated 2002)
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Highlight: an important religious and monastic center

Sagaing is one of the most important religious centers in the world, especially for Buddhism, with nearly 600 monasteries and convents overflowing with young novices and experienced monks and nuns. They are lovely woman and girls who are dressed in flowing pink attires and always welcome guests with pretty warm smile. Sagaing is a major centre for meditation and religious retreats, which means great views not of a busy city and streets but of wide expenses of green trees bizarrely dotted with the tops of hundreds of spires and pagodas and religious buildings.

Once crossing the Sagaing Bridge, you can see the hilltops, fully covered with pagodas, and banners proclaiming Buddha’s teaching. It is the famous refuge from all ills and tribulations, the home for over 600 monasteries housing monks and nuns who are located for Buddhist studies and meditation. The Padamyazedi Pagoda dates back from 1300, whilst the Umin Thonze or thirty caves pagoda has many Buddha images in crescent shaped colonnade. Mural paintings can be seen in the Tilawkaguru Cave Temple which was built around 1672. At nearby village of Ywah Taung, you can see silversmiths in the process of making bowls and other items of silver by traditional methods.

The most impressive Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda nearby was constructed in 1312. It lies at top of Nga-Pha Hill, one of the 37 hilltops of Sagaing Hills, which resembles a frog and hence Nga-Pha Hill.  Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda was built in 674 by sage U Ponnya of Pintaya Tazeeshine Thinhathu. It enshrined Buddha relics revered by successive kings. Since its construction, it is known to have the earliest “soon” offered by celestial beings before any by human beings. It is also the first pagoda offered “soon” on the full-moon day of every year of al hilltop ones. It is reputed to grant 14 wishes such as being free of killing by others, getting promotions, and having an insight into things and events. The view of Sagaing from Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin and its approach is really marvelous. 

Once visiting Sagaing Hill, it would be a big mistake if you pass Ywa Htaung Village which is well known for many ateliers with traditional Bama style. Silver-ware workshop can be found on the way of Sagaing-Monywa high-way road in Ywa-Htaung Village. Various kinds of silverware such as jewelries, bowls, trays, boxes and Buddha images are made. The Silversmith Jewelry & Workshop, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska in the Rockbrook Village shopping center, features unique jewelry created by local artists and international designers. You will receive excellent service with all of your jewelry needs. They will help you with engagement & wedding rings, mother's rings, anniversary diamonds, jewelry repairs and ring sizing.

It would be great if you visiting Sagaing in January because this is usually the time for the Naga New Year Festival held by Sagaing Region’s natives. This festival is most well-known from all over the world and many tourists come to visit the rare tribe's culture of Myanmar.

Sagaing Tours

  •  Visit a lot of famous architectures in Yangon, and six other areas in Myanmar.
  •   Experience locals' life in the temples, tobacco workshop and markets.
  •   Discover natural landscapes and others beautiful places on the way of the tour.
  •   Taste local dishes and have knowledge about local culture and custom.
Experiences :
Only From $1,854
  •  Discover several renowned and ancient pagodas and temples in Myanmar
  •   Contemplate distinctive types of beauty: tranquil at Inle Lake, vivid at Yangon, and boisterous at Mandalay
  •   Explore the techniques of making traditional products like wood carvings and lacquer wares
  •   Experience monks' unique lifestyle in a wide range of monasteries
  •   Get to know different aspects of the Burmese lives: in the cities, at the remote areas or by the rivers
Experiences :
Only From $1,359
  •  Enjoy Yangon with your own relaxing plan.
  •   Visit Kyaikhtiyo pagoda and join in a scenic journey in Kyaiktiyo.
  •   Visit many ancient pagodas, temples and monasteries along the way.
  •   Discover Inle Lake by the boat and have sightseeing.
  •   Come to Thandwe and have a short holiday at Ngapali Beach - the best beach in Myanmar.
Experiences :
Only From $2,694
  •  Visit Golden Rock and have sightseeing.
  •   Come to Bago to visit ancient Palace and Pagoda, explore the local market to experience the local life.
  •   Take a city tour around Mandalay through archaic pagodas and monasteries, royal vestiges and relics.
  •   Explore Bagan - a land of temples with many attractions of natural views.
  •   Have a 4-day tour in Ngapali Beach, one of the most pristine beaches in Asia.
Experiences :
Only From $1,533
  •  Tour around Yangon’s most highlights: Royal Palace, Kandawgyi Lake, Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, and Shwedagon Pagoda
  •   Enjoy the most breathtaking cruise along the beautiful Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay
  •   Explore the maze of temples in Bagan plains
  •   Watch the traditional paper-mache elephant dance performed by the villagers from Tant-Chi
  •   Experience the Pakokku’s local market and town center by Tuk Tuk
  •   Learn about terracotta pottery production in Yandabo village
  •   Stop by ancient capitals of Burmese kingdom: Ava and Amarapura
  •   Admire the sunset on Taungthaman lake at U Bein Bridge
  •   Explore UNESCO listed Kuthodaw Pagoda with the world’s biggest book
  •   Discover the floating world of Inle Lake and visit ShweIndein pagoda in Indein village
Experiences :
Only From $2,447 $2,562
  •  Experiencing Myanmar culture through two interesting festivals of Phaungdawoo Pagoda and Elephant Dance
  •   Truly communicating with native people via various activities: boating, joining festivals, visiting cultural sites
  •   Discovering Myanmar history with Bagan archeological sites as well as former royal capitals of Amarapura and Inwa
  •   Immersing yourself in mesmerizing natural settings and spectacular architectural constructions
Experiences :
  •  Maintaining genuine contacts with indigenous people
  •   Contemplating various magnificent religious as well as historical constructions
  •   Discovering the two countries through many means of transportations: car, horse cart, boat
  •   Pondering over the culture and history of each country through different periods
Experiences :
  •  Go sight-seeing many highlights of the specific cities such as Batataung Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Shwedagon Pagoda, Mingun and Myatheintan Pagoda, Sagaing Hills
  •   Have a great chance to purchase a diversity of things as wood carvings, fabrics, rattan goods, etc in the famous local markets as Bogyoke Market, Bagan’s local markets
  •   Exciting experience to witness the making process of lacquerware.
  •   Wonderful chance to ride a bicycle or horse cart to travel round Bagan
  •   Get to know stories of local traditions and customs
  •   Cruise to Mingun for visiting the Hsinbyume Pagoda and the world’s largest bell
Experiences :
  •  Discover a wide selection of Bagan archaeological museums such as Shwezigone pagoda, Minkaba Gubyaukyi Temple, MyaZedi pagoda, Manuha Temple.
  •   Great time to enjoy Burmese food in local restaurants
  •   Enjoy a great view of natural beauty, also the rural life of the locals on two banks
  •   Cruise to Migun Pagoda complex, enjoy dance and drama performance by Mandalay Arts School on deck
  •   Witness the process of making lacquer wares from the locals
Experiences :

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