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Welcome to Myanmar, the country of traditional culture, humble people, and specific nature where all the good things gather together and shine up perfectly. Being a professional tour operator, we would like to introduce to you our best of Myanmar New Tours with a series of very new brands offering qualified facilities, international-standard services, delightful attractions, and especially reasonable prices. We are attempting our best to satisfy your every demand. Let travel Myanmar in your own way with our perfect service.

5 Days

Join in our 5 day tour and you will be taken to various settings and head to the most spectacular and magnificent spots in Myanmar - the land of golden Buddhist edifices, beautiful natural landscapes and friendly...

Only From $988 $1,162
14 Days

Myanmar - a potential destination to go for in every occasion thank for its fresh atmosphere, holy experience and very rustic memory that absolutely win your heart and soul at the very beginning moments you present in...

Only From $3,255 $3,538
  • · Experience the extremely ancient scenery along the country of Myanmar
  • · Travel through typical villages of Burmese to understand their way of living
  • · Immerse yourself into the very nature
  • · Experience the Burma in every different way of travelling
Experiences :
Only From $2,332 $2,511
  • · Memorable journey to the most famous destinations in Myanmar
  • · Direct contacts with indigenous people at local markets and workshop
  • · Going through various changes in scenery, from region to region: Yangon, Mandalay, Shan State
  • · Understanding why Myanmar is called the golden land through its system of pagodas and temples
Experiences :
Only From $1,385
  • · Exploring famous pagodas in Yangon and studying different aspects of these pagodas.
  • · Visiting the Bogyoke market to understand the life of local people
  • · Experiencing making bowls by yourself in Oh Bo - a ceramic center in Yangon city
  • · Trying special dishes with the local people
  • · Learning farming with villagers in Hlegu
Experiences :
Only From $669 $745
  • · Take a city tour around bustling Yangon to experience the local life and Buddhist architectural art.
  • · Visit the Kyaikhtiyo Temple, also called the Golden Rock.
  • · Enjoy Bagan through a chain of ancient temples and have sunset.
  • · Have trek to Mt. Popa and have sightseeing surrounding this areas.
  • · Visit three Burmese ancient capitals - Sagaing, Ava and Amarapura.
Experiences :
Only From $2,842
  • · Travel to Mt. Victoria and beyond on jeeps.
  • · Visit morning market of Chauk to explore the local culture and local life.
  • · Halt at some places with exotic views for sightseeing, photographs and other attractive things.
Experiences :
  • · Discovering culture and history of Myanmar throughout religious buildings.
  • · Exploring life and people in the two cities of Pyay and Yangon.
  • · Enjoying one of the most wonderful moment - the sunset at spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda.
Experiences :
Only From $678 $796
18 days

Typical Myanmar

YangonBaganPakokkuMonywaMandalayMingunMandalayPindayaKalawInle LakeNgapaliYangon
  • · Experience a whole new world in the holy land of Myanmar when paying visits to many different sites in the country
  • · Taste the flavor of rusticity in every corner including villages, workshops, palm houses
  • · Admire the gentle shining light from the sunset in the red sky of Myanmar
  • · Get healthier from many exciting activities along the way
Experiences :
Only From $2,698 $2,932
  • · Gorgeous tour to the most holy land in the world, to experience the Burmese culture and its people's faith in Buddha
  • · Have an extremely relaxing time on the most pristine beach – the Ngapali in the world
  • · Take a closer look to the unspoiled wildlife and nature along the country
  • · Drop by Burmese rustic lands
  • · Enjoy the nice sunset and have an unforgettable trip
Experiences :
Only From $3,485 $3,788

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