• Location: in the middle of Myanmar, 690 km north of Yangon, 293 km south west of Mandalay
  • Status: Myanmar’s Buddhist center
  • Population: above 500,000
  • Area: 42 square kilometers (Bagan town)
  • Religions: Theravada Buddhism
  • One of the most diverse archaeological sites among Asia
  • Peaceful atmosphere, close connection to locals

Bagan is among the most diverse archaeological sites of Asia and also the major tourist attraction of Myanmar with its four million pagodas. Located at central Myanmar, about 690 kilometers north of Yangon, Bagan was early founded in 1044 AD and was once the glorious and splendid capital of the First Myanmar Empire. With an area of 42 square kilometers, the today Bagan is the home of numerous ancient pagodas, shrines, stupas, monuments and monasteries.

The busiest town and also main attraction that draws tourists to Bagan is Nyaung U, with its well equipped guesthouses and various transportation links – via airway and road. The town’s board streets full of tea shops, restaurants, bars can be considered the best spot for travelers and tour organization. Located 4 kilometers west of Nyaung U, apart from interesting archaeological sites of city walls and temples as well as impressive views of Ayeyarwady (also known as Irrawaddy) River, Old Bagan is dotted with local handicraft shops and factories selling beautiful lacquer ware and wooden carved figures. Made by skilled craftsmen, lacquer products become a Bagan’s pride; most of them are brought to Yangon and then exported to the world market.

On the other hand, in the 1990s, New Bagan was established, and Old Bagan’s residents were forced to move out and settle their lives there. This is a dusty yet sleepy town, along with great landscapes found on the riverside. In comparison with New Bagan, Old Bagan owns fewer eateries and accommodations, especially affordable ones. About 50 kilometers south east of Pagan is Mt. Popa, an inactive volcano of 1518 meters high. Its name may derive from the Pali word “puppa”, meaning flower. The mountain is best known for a monastery nearby named Popa Taungkalat, the home for 37 Mahagiri spirits – or ‘nats’ in Burmese language.  

Definitely, a trip to Bagan cannot be complete without visitations to its incredible temples, shrines, monasteries and pagodas which deeply represent Mon traditional architecture. In this 42 square kilometer archaeological area, there are over 2200 of them and hence multiple options for you to choose from. The best way to experience these features of Bagan is by shaded horse cart. You will be taken around the most impressive Buddhist constructions of Bagan and also be protected from its severing heat. Another affordable option is by bicycle; however, the number of destinations you can explore is fewer by this way. Plus, recently, tourists often choose balloon to contemplate the romantic panorama of the ancient Buddhist constructions. When hovering overhead, you can feel like you are coming back to the past when every building was built to mark an era of history as well as a unique cultural identity.

The most renowned among them is Shwezigon Pagoda in Nyang U, the first gold pagoda built in Burma representing typical Burmese temples. Shwezigon consists of a gold gilded cylindrical stupa on top a series of terraces. Being built in 1057, under the reign of King Anawrahta, the pagoda is believed to enshrine sacred teeth and bones of Gautama Buddha. Also, there is a stone pillar with inscription in Mon language by King Kyansittha. In addition, built in 1105 under the reign of King Kyanzittha, Pagan Kingdom, Ananda Temple is among the biggest and most well-preserved Buddha edifices of Bagan. Widely known as the genuine museum of stone, the temple is in a cruciform layout with several terraces heading to a small pagoda topped with an ornament called hti.  Ananda Temple houses four Buddha standing statues; each faces one of the four directions: East, West, South and North, representing Buddha’s infinite wisdom. Another remarkably large temple in Bagan is Htilominlo Temple, a double storey structure of 50 meters high. About 1.5 kilometers northeast of Bagan, the temple was built in 1211 by King Nadaungmya, and its name is a misreading for a Pali word which means “blessings of the three worlds”. On the first floor of Htilominlo, there are also four Buddha statues facing four directions.

Bagan Tours

  •  Meditate in magical sunset over the world-famous Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Discover dried plain of Bagan and its ancient temples and pagodas
  •   Sail upstream Irrawaddy river to exotic temple of Kyuak Gu U Min
  •   Enjoy horse-cart ride around the immortal capital of Ava
  •   Explore amazing collection of Buddha images in Pindaya cave
  •   Get closer to tribal life and culture with a trek through Danu hill village
  •   Learn local technique to cultivate typical floating gardens on Inle Lake
  •   Unwind on pristine beach of Ngapali
Experiences :
Only From $2,697 $2,967
  •  Drive up and visit temple-topped Sagaing Hills
  •   Unfold the hidden history behind Mingun unfinished pagoda
  •   Take in windy sunset from top of Yankin hill
  •   Get back in time to Bagan's crumbling temples and pagodas
  •   Experience unique floating life upon serene Inle Lake
  •   Climb up and explore amazing Indein stupa jungle
Experiences :
Only From $1,067 $1,173
  •  Stroll in peace across royal Kandawgyi Lake
  •   Blend in sacred atmosphere during the sundown in Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Discover Bagan's rich history and architecture with 2000 ancient monuments
  •   Uncover fascinating Buddha statues in Pindaya cave
  •   Participate in vibrant 5-day floating market in Inle Lake
Experiences :
Only From $1,052 $1,157
  •  Observe the old beauty of well-preserved colonial buildings
  •   Get deep in magical sunset over glistering Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Visit thousands ancient architectural temples in Bagan's plain
  •   Climb up the sacred mountain of Popa and enjoy the panoramic sceneries from the top
  •   Get amused with 8000 golden Buddha statues inside the limestone cave of Pindaya
  •   Relax and enjoy upon the scenic Inle Lake
Experiences :
Only From $1,589 $1,765
  •  Observe ornate beauty of legendary Shwedagon pagoda at night
  •   Uncover Bagan's historical secret with fine collection of old temples
  •   Walk along and wait for iconic sunset over U Bein bridge
  •   Gaze over beautiful landscape of Mandalay from Yankin Hill
  •   Learn how to make an exquisite Shan-style parasol
  •   Trek through hill villages and green plantations of Kalaw
  •   Try local floating life on Inle Lake
  •   Soak into crystal water of Ngwe Saung beach
Experiences :
Only From $3,021 $3,336
  •  Chill out with scenic boat trip to Mingun
  •   Enjoy peaceful sunset over Yankin hill
  •   Discover ancient kingdon of Bagan with thousands temples and pagodas
  •   Trek over Kalaw hill villages and observe their authentic tribal life
  •   Meander around the amazing stupa jungle of Shwe Indein pagoda
  •   Visit the most sacred Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset
Experiences :
Only From $1,640 $1,822
  •  Admire the mysterious sunset at magnificent Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Explore Mandalay's innate beaty
  •   Make a new river discovery from Mandalay to Bagan with Paukan cruise
  •   Uncover series of ancient monuments in Bagan archaeological zone
  •   Enjoy stress-free life on the picturesque Inle Lake
Experiences :
Only From $1,736 $1,928
  •  Observe the most notable Shwedagon pagoda gleaming over the sunset
  •   Uncover the ancient Bagan and its architectural and historical monuments
  •   Meander through quaint village of Minanthu
  •   Board in the Pandaw peaceful river cruise upstream the Irrawaddy from Bagan to Mandalay
  •   Catch up poetic sunset over U Bein bridge
  •   Experience hill tribal life and daily activities in Kalaw
  •   Visit floating Intha houses and colourful garden around Inle Lake
Experiences :
Only From $3,020 $3,322
  •  Meditate in the astounding sunset over Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Witness the famous fishing technique of leg-rowing fishermen on tranquil Inle lake
  •   Walk around the impressive stupa jungle in Shwe Indein pagoda
  •   Get to know deeply about culture, history and people of Bagan and Mandalay with The Strand downstream river cruise
  •   Taste out Myanmar and Asia various excellent cuisines on luxury board of Strand
  •   Gain excellent insights of traditional daily life around Minanthu village
Experiences :
Only From $2,669 $3,069
  •  Discover the treasure of Vietnam from the South to the North with visit to the highlights such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi.
  •   Have memorable time with stunning places around Vietnam and Burma with lush countryside, fascinating city, amazing landscapes, wonderful islands, etc.
  •   Get more knowledge about the Asian's life, history, nature, culture and religious.
  •   Time to relax in beautiful spots with pure fresh air, good weather and friendly local people.
  •   Chance to experience the life style of two enchanting Asia countries Vietnam and Myanmar.
Experiences :
Only From $1,826 $2,076

Attractions In Bagan

Ananda Temple
Ananda Temple is one of the largest and most well kept Buddhist constructions of Bagan in...
Bagan Archaeological Museum
Situated in northern Bagan, Old Bagan to be exact, Bagan Archaeological Museum has been put into...
Dhammayan Gyi Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple is the most colossal Buddhist edifice in Bagan built by King Narathu, the son...
Dhammayazika Pagoda
Situated in Pwasaw, Southern Bagan, Dammayazika Pagoda was constructed by King Narapatisithu in the...
Htilominlo Temple
About only 1.5 kilometers northeast of Bagan, Htilominlo Temple was built in 1211 after the name of...
Kyansittha Cave Temple
Kyansittha Cave Temple, also known as Kyansittha Umin, is located at western Nyaung U. Although its...
Kyaukgu Umin Temple
Located around three kilometers east of Nyaung U, Kyauk Gu U Min is a construction mainly built of...
Maha Bodhi Phaya
Situated in Bagan, Myanmar, Mahabodhi Temple was originally constructed in the 13th century and...
Manuha Temple
Located at Myinkaba village, Manuha Temple is a rectangular base construction with two white-washed...
Mt. Popa
Around 55 kilometers Southeast of Bagan, Mt. Popa is an inactive volcano of 1518 meters high. Each...
Myazedi Pagoda
Located between Bagan and Myinkaba Village, Myazedi, meaning Jade Pagoda, is a structure consists...
Myinkaba Gubyaukgyi Temple
Being the only Buddhist construction of Bagan situated near Myazedi, Gubyaukgyi Temple has a thing...
Nan Paya Temple
Lying next to Manuha Temple, Nan Paya is an 11th century temple whose interiors were made of bricks...
Nyaung U Market
Located in the northeastern part of Bagan, Nyaung U Market is Nyaung U Village's local market....
Sa Lay
Sale, also known as Salay, is a religious center located at the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River,...
Shwesandaw Pagoda
The Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan is one of the four Buddhist constructions in Burma bearing the same...
Shwezigon Paya
Located in Nyaung U, Shwezigon Pagoda represents the original structure for all later typical...
Sulamani Temple
Settled at Minnanthu Village on the southwestern part of Bagan Sulamani, Sulamani Temple is a...
That Byin Nyu Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple is the highest Buddhist construction in Bagan with a height of around 61 meters....
Wetkyi in Gubyaukgyi Temple
Situated near Wetkyi-In Village, Gubyaukgyi Temple was built after the Mahabodhi Temple of India,...

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