Myanmar Cuisine Tours

Our Myanmar Cuisine Tours are designed aiming to offer you the chance to travel through many parts of the country, go sightseeing around wonderful views, experience local various customs and enjoy a real taste of traditional Burmese cuisines. During the tour, you will taste a selection of local food along the country. So let’s start with your empty stomach booking a tour with us now.

  •  Observe the old beauty of well-preserved colonial buildings
  •   Get deep in magical sunset over glistering Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Visit thousands ancient architectural temples in Bagan's plain
  •   Climb up the sacred mountain of Popa and enjoy the panoramic sceneries from the top
  •   Get amused with 8000 golden Buddha statues inside the limestone cave of Pindaya
  •   Relax and enjoy upon the scenic Inle Lake
Experiences :
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  •  Discovering delectable Myanmar from different parts of the country, even the ingredients and cooking methods
  •   Contemplating various wonderful constructions, from colonial style buildings to Buddhist related sites
  •   Experiencing the authentic Myanmar lifestyle through interesting activities: preparing meals, sailing, riding horse cart
  •   Travelling through the four most notable destinations of the country: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake
Experiences :
  •  Travel on boat with full conveniences to explore some local markets and come to Khaung Daing Village for tasting Shan tofu.
  •   Learn how to make a traditional style meal in an Intha family and taste it.
  •   Enjoy sweet tea, donut and others at a tea shop.
  •   Stop at Red Mountain Estate for the views of vineyard of Pah Oh hill tribe and taste some wines make from the grape cultivated.
Experiences :
  •  Appreciating and even self-making delectable Myanmar dishes in different parts of the country
  •   Enjoying diverse architectural structures, from colonial style buildings to Buddhist sites
  •   Absorbing authentic Myanmar lifestyle through several activities: preparing meals, planting crops, sailing, riding horse cart, visiting workshops
  •   Contemplating the vivid sunset at various areas: at Bagan's temple, on Ayeyarwaddy River, around Inle Lake
Experiences :
  •  Profound understanding on the use of traditional Burmese herbs
  •   Considerable knowledge on the country's culture and nature
  •   Great admiration over stunning and magnificent pagodas and stupas
  •   Memorable trip to the most renowned destinations of Myanmar
Experiences :

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