• Location: 70 km west of Taunggyi
  • Status: an old hill station on the ridge of Shan Plateau
  • Population: 131,514 (estimated 2002)
  • Attractions: colonial style buildings, trekking activities
  • A favorite place for holidays (Kalaw Town)

About 70 kilometers west of Taunggyi, Kalaw is a Township of Taunggyi District, including three parts: its principal town of the same name - Kalaw, Aungban, and Heho. Situated at a height of 1320 meters above the sea level, on the eastern edge of Shan Plateau, the hill town of Kalaw is surrounded by mountains filled with bamboo groves and gnarled pines.

Pleasantly cool all the year round, this sylvan setting was famous among British in the colonial period, and American writer Jan-Philipp Sendker turned it into the main settings of his novel “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats”.  Nowadays, the town is ideal for those who want to grab a hold of beautiful nature settings as well as breathe the ethnic lives. Through a half day hike or a four-five day trip being with the minority tribe communities in Kalaw, you are welcomed by locals wearing colorful clothes, smiling in a friendly way, showing warm hospitality, and may even be surprised by the comparatively high level of development there. In addition to the tranquil allure of Kalaw, you can get a taste of local tea and fresh fruit picked from plantations covering steep slopes around the town.

Another town of Kalaw, Aungban, is a railway junction carrying cargo and passengers travelling between Taunggyi and Loikaw, the capital city of Kayah State.

Last but not least, one-hour drive away from Inle, Heho is known as the primary air gateway to the lake; also, it is another railway junction similar to Aungban. Under the railway, there is a dusty market area that hosts the largest of the five day markets, a remarkable event in southern Shan State. This is the type of market that sells everything from common products like food and clothing to luxury items made by the skillful hands of locals. By dint of wandering around the market, you can discover almost the life and custom of the Burmese.

Kalaw Tours

  •  Observe ornate beauty of legendary Shwedagon pagoda at night
  •   Uncover Bagan's historical secret with fine collection of old temples
  •   Walk along and wait for iconic sunset over U Bein bridge
  •   Gaze over beautiful landscape of Mandalay from Yankin Hill
  •   Learn how to make an exquisite Shan-style parasol
  •   Trek through hill villages and green plantations of Kalaw
  •   Try local floating life on Inle Lake
  •   Soak into crystal water of Ngwe Saung beach
Experiences :
Only From $3,021 $3,336
  •  Chill out with scenic boat trip to Mingun
  •   Enjoy peaceful sunset over Yankin hill
  •   Discover ancient kingdon of Bagan with thousands temples and pagodas
  •   Trek over Kalaw hill villages and observe their authentic tribal life
  •   Meander around the amazing stupa jungle of Shwe Indein pagoda
  •   Visit the most sacred Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset
Experiences :
Only From $1,640 $1,822
  •  Observe the most notable Shwedagon pagoda gleaming over the sunset
  •   Uncover the ancient Bagan and its architectural and historical monuments
  •   Meander through quaint village of Minanthu
  •   Board in the Pandaw peaceful river cruise upstream the Irrawaddy from Bagan to Mandalay
  •   Catch up poetic sunset over U Bein bridge
  •   Experience hill tribal life and daily activities in Kalaw
  •   Visit floating Intha houses and colourful garden around Inle Lake
Experiences :
Only From $3,020 $3,322
  •  Explore the mysterious Myanmar with visits to almost ancient city like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Monywa, etc.
  •   Chance to meet hill tribe people and know more about the Burmese culture.
  •   Soak into the natural beauty of Pyin Oo Lwin.
  •   Get the unforgettable moment with visit to Golden Rock.
  •   Enjoy amazing pictures of local fishermen mixing with the red sunset on Inle Lake.
Experiences :
Only From $2,618
  •  Understanding from head to toe the four Myanmar prides: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake
  •   Figuring out the most outstanding traits of multiple Myanmar destinations
  •   Visiting the most known and antique Myanmar pagodas and temples
  •   Observing the making process of traditional products like lacquer ware and lotus fabric
Experiences :
Only From $1,485
  •  Come to and visit a chain of famous pagodas in Yangon.
  •   Have bird-watching in Moeyingyi wetlands and Pho Kyar forest camp.
  •   Relax and enjoy the beauty of this hill station in Kalaw.
  •   Take a boat trip to Inle Lake and spend a day on visiting and exploring this area.
  •   Come to Bagan and explore some most unique architectures in here.
Experiences :
  •  View the beautiful sights of Yangon City: some temples and pagodas to have a great experience in the most bustling city in Myanmar.
  •   Visit the other famous cities with attractive natural destinations.
  •   Take some village treks on the rural areas to explore nature and people in peaceful spaces.
  •   Discover the floating market on Inle Lake and get more knowledge of Intha people.
  •   Relax on Ngapali beach, the most famous and pristine beach in Myanmar.
Experiences :
Only From $2,813
  •  Time to enjoy the tranquil life of local villagers in Shan and Kayah
  •   Soak into the charming of Inle Lake – the second largest lake in Myanmar
  •   Chance to get more knowledge about the specific life style and customs of minorities group on hill tribe of Myanmar, especially long-neck women in Loikaw
  •   Discover the magnificent pagodas and Cave temples of Myanmar
  •   Have the spectacular sunset view on the hill town of Burma.
Experiences :
  •  Explore Yangon with the trip to Shwedagon Pagoda and other sights.
  •   Golf at some of most desirable courses, from Yangon, Bagan to PyinOoLwin.
  •   Have sightseeing and learn about the Buddhist architectural arts, history and culture of Burmese in Mandalay and Bagan.
  •   Try tasting some local dishes in the destinations.
  •   Take a boat trip and cycling trip to visit and discover the colorful life and views in Inle Lake and NyaungShwe.
Experiences :
  •  Arrive at Yangon and explore this city with its ancient architectures including Sule Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda.
  •   Have a walking trip for sightseeing and visit morning market in Kalaw and taste local dishes.
  •   Have treks during about 4 hours from Htee Tein to Inle Lake.
  •   Enjoy yourself in Inle Lake.
Experiences :

Attractions In Kalaw

Aungban town
Aungban Town is located just 10km away from Kalaw. The town is very important, especially to...

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