• Location: 45 km north of Kalaw
  • Population:
  • Pindaya Township: 67, 866 (estimated 2002)
  • Pindaya Town: 16, 209 (calculated 2013)
  • Name variants: Yebyu, Pangtara, Pyandara
  • Mainly famous for its Pindaya Caves with over 8,000 Buddha statues

Situated about 40 kilometers north of Kalaw, Pindaya is a township belonging to Taunggyi District, Shan State, Myanmar. Its principal town is also named Pindaya which means 'take the spider down' in Burmese language; however, Pindaya is actually a picturesque town. Getting to the town by a train from Aungban, you may be left breathless by the panoramic views of dreamy and alluring mountains reported to be similar to southern Italy.

The town of Pindaya is mainly famous for its system of limestone caves named Pindaya Caves which house over 8,000 gold-covered Buddha statues in different sizes and made of different materials such as teak, marble, and alabaster. The Buddhist pilgrimage site as well as tourist attraction belongs to a limestone ridge of Myelat region, southern part of Shan State. On the ridge, there are three caves lying from north to south; however, only one of them is open to tourists. This southernmost Pindaya cave consists of more than eight thousands Buddha statues, representing Buddhist iconography from different periods of time.

According to legends, once there were seven celestial princesses bathing in the cave. They later on were trapped in the cave by a trap created by a giant spider. Fortunately, Prince Kummabhaya of Yawnghwe (Nyaung Shwe at the present time) came to the rescue as he killed the spider and destroyed the web, and that is why the cave is called ‘Pindaya’. Nowadays, statues of the prince and the spider can be found at the stairs leading to the caves’ entrance.

At the path to Pindaya’s southernmost cave – the only cave of the structure that can be entered and explored, there is a pagoda of 15 meters high named Shwe U Min, meaning ‘Golden Cave’. According to the pagoda’s modern form and style, it can be seen that Shwe U Min Paya is of new origin, although local legends say that it is built in the 12th century. In addition, thanks to pilgrims’ help, a steel covered stairway with various sculptures from different religious communities was added to the entrance of this cave. Later on, an elevator also came into place.

Inside the southernmost cave, there are more than 8,000 Buddha statues. The majority of statues are built in between 18th and 19th centuries, and others are brought to the cave by a wide variety of donors from ordinary people to governmental institutes. As a result, the statues as well as reredos and ornamental thrones around are in a rich diversity of styles. The most notable among them are about seventy Bhisakkaguru statues whose features are so unique that they are nowhere else to be found in Burma – they hold a seed in the flipped right palm.

Similar to other vicinities of Shan State, activities of five day markets are available at Pindaya. Joining in market days, you can easily find different minority groups living in Shan State gather to sell the products representing their areas.

Pindaya Tours

  •  Meditate in magical sunset over the world-famous Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Discover dried plain of Bagan and its ancient temples and pagodas
  •   Sail upstream Irrawaddy river to exotic temple of Kyuak Gu U Min
  •   Enjoy horse-cart ride around the immortal capital of Ava
  •   Explore amazing collection of Buddha images in Pindaya cave
  •   Get closer to tribal life and culture with a trek through Danu hill village
  •   Learn local technique to cultivate typical floating gardens on Inle Lake
  •   Unwind on pristine beach of Ngapali
Experiences :
Only From $2,850 $3,050
  •  Explore the mysterious Myanmar with visits to almost ancient city like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Monywa, etc.
  •   Chance to meet hill tribe people and know more about the Burmese culture.
  •   Soak into the natural beauty of Pyin Oo Lwin.
  •   Get the unforgettable moment with visit to Golden Rock.
  •   Enjoy amazing pictures of local fishermen mixing with the red sunset on Inle Lake.
Experiences :
Only From $2,618
  •  Understanding from head to toe the four Myanmar prides: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and Inle Lake
  •   Figuring out the most outstanding traits of multiple Myanmar destinations
  •   Visiting the most known and antique Myanmar pagodas and temples
  •   Observing the making process of traditional products like lacquer ware and lotus fabric
Experiences :
Only From $1,485
  •  Memorable moment to the Yangon's attracted spots.
  •   The most of peaceful atmosphere on Inle Lake
  •   Spectacular view of Bagan on top of Shwedagon
  •   strange architecture style of many pagodas
  •   Know more about the locals' daily life.
Experiences :
Only From $1,811 $2,012
  •  Capture the splendor regarding architecture of Yangon and Inle Lake's scenic settings
  •   Catch sight of pagoda after pagoda in Bagan and numerous Buddha images in Pindaya Caves
  •   Connection with Myanmar's hospitable people through local markets and traditional workshops
  •   Sunset contemplation at several places - each one is an unforgettable moment
Experiences :
Only From $988 $1,162
  •  Enjoy Yangon with your own relaxing plan.
  •   Visit Kyaikhtiyo pagoda and join in a scenic journey in Kyaiktiyo.
  •   Visit many ancient pagodas, temples and monasteries along the way.
  •   Discover Inle Lake by the boat and have sightseeing.
  •   Come to Thandwe and have a short holiday at Ngapali Beach - the best beach in Myanmar.
Experiences :
Only From $2,694
  •  Take a balloon flight in every early morning for sightseeing and to taste fresh air.
  •   Have special meals with beverages and local dishes as in your option.
  •   Explore Burmese landscape, culture, local life and join in some activities of local people.
Experiences :
  •  Time to explore deeply the enchanting Myanmar on trekking road from Pindaya to Kalaw
  •   Discover the formal capital of Burma Yangon and the legendary land Bagan and Mandalay
  •   Chance to live and talk with local people in peaceful Shan State and know more about their simple life with nature.
  •   Enjoy the spectacular scenes of pine forests, beautiful landscape and ethnic minority villages
Experiences :
18 days
  •  Experience a whole new world in the holy land of Myanmar when paying visits to many different sites in the country
  •   Taste the flavor of rusticity in every corner including villages, workshops, palm houses
  •   Admire the gentle shining light from the sunset in the red sky of Myanmar
  •   Get healthier from many exciting activities along the way
Experiences :
Only From $2,698 $2,932
  •  Gorgeous tour to the most holy land in the world, to experience the Burmese culture and its people's faith in Buddha
  •   Have an extremely relaxing time on the most pristine beach – the Ngapali in the world
  •   Take a closer look to the unspoiled wildlife and nature along the country
  •   Drop by Burmese rustic lands
  •   Enjoy the nice sunset and have an unforgettable trip
Experiences :
Only From $3,485 $3,788

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