Ywama village, Nyaung-Shwe

Locating on the western side of Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar, Ywama Village is the largest village on the Inle Lake. It will take you 15 minutes to travel to Ywama Village by boat.

The village’s streets look like a net of canals. People build teak houses and buildings on large wooden piles which are very beautiful and inviting. You will be fascinated with the floating market in the largest canal.

Although the village has many bamboo walkways and bridges over the canals running throughout, residents travel around by canoe. It has no main street or square, however, you still have a good chance to visit pagoda complexes and monasteries on construction areas.

Inle Lake owns a circle of 5-day rotating markets that opens in a different location on the lake each day. The market of Ywama takes place on the grounds of a pagoda complex. Actually, most trading activities occur on the water as merchants’ small boats filled with handicrafts or produces which are offered to locals and tourists.

You can also visit a monastery and a stupa, weaving, metal smithing, wood carving and umbrella workshops. On the other hand, you will easily find numerous tomatoes, vegetables grown by local farmers in many floating gardens anchored in place with bamboo piles.

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Ywama village
Locating on the western side of Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar, Ywama Village is the largest...
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