Shite Thaung Temple, Mrauk-U

  • Location: In the North of Royal Palace, Rakhine State, and Western Myanmar
  • Built: In 1535-1536
  • By: King Min Bin

Contained eighty thousand Buddha images, Shite Thaung or The Shai-thaung Temple or Temple of Victory is the most notable temple in Mrauk U.

It’s said that King Min Binbuilt this temple in 1535–1536 to commemorate the conquest of Bengal. This was a prosperous time for Mrauk U with expansion of the empire and great military power. Archeologists have believed that the temple was used as a fortress and shelter during war due to its location on a hill and massive bunker.

All sides of the large sandstone temple are surrounded by very solid walls except the East adjoining the hill. Lines of small stupas are at the North and South walls and the temple is accessible with a stairway.

A 26 meter high bell stands the heartland of the temple which is surrounded by four smaller stupas at the corners. Many stupas in various styles are found on the surface as well as outside walls of the temple.

Visitors can easily access its central hall which has hundreds of Buddha statues, some of them in their original positions. However, the most highlight feature is the three layers of maze-like corridors that encircle the main hall.

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