Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp, Taungoo

  • Location: In Yedashe Township - Thargara
  • Status: An ideal ecotourism spot
  • Area: 20 acres
  • Attractions: An elephant ride or show, the docile animals obeying their mahouts

Lying near Thargaya village and Yoma Mountain Range, Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp is the perfect destination to discover nature and learn more about the life of Myanmar elephants.

After about one hour along the red-earth, travelers will arrive to famous Elephant Camp in Myanmar. From the ancient time, Myanmar Royal considered giant elephants as a noble symbol and used them to transfer as well as the powerful weapon in the war with neighboring countries. Nowadays, the Myanmar people feed elephants like closed friends to support their work, especially in the timber business. Coming to Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp, travelers can observer the life and habits of this meek animal. Normally, each elephant in here has been coached by a particular trainer called Sin Oo Zie since childhood, so between them, it seems to exist telepathy connection. Tourists will hear many touching and interesting stories about their deep feelings.

Riding elephants, taking elephant ride or feeding them are the most unique and unforgettable experience in here. Moreover, the Elephant Show attracts the attention of visitors. The lovely elephants line up, walk on the teak stumps and coordinate to perform under the instructions of Sin Oo Zie. After the end of show, they are taken to the stream for bathing.

Visitors can feel safe to stay in here overnight because elephants don’t sleep near the Camp. After a hard-working day, elephants find food themselves and sleep in the woods. Their favorite food is leaves, twigs and a herd of elephants can consume 3 metric tons per day. Travelers will sleep in private teak houses with necessary utensils, in which some houses have satellite TV and hot water. Traditional meals serving visitors in here include about twenty small plates with all variety of sticky rice, samosas, sweets and exotic fruits.

Let come to Phoe Kyar Elephant Camp and experience a new life, where you can enjoy yourself inbeautiful natural.

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