Mount Victoria (Khawnu Mthum, or Natma Taung), Mindat

The people who are eco- friendly will miss Mount Victoria in their trips. It is filled with natural beauties, high mountains with numerous forest kinds and in rich of flora & fauna.

There is no snow through the year on Mt. Victoria together with its flora and fauna, which makes the treks, become a very fascinating activity in eco tourism. The thick forests of Mt. Victoria are the habitat of wild life-tigers, leopards, bears, samburs and barking deer, various species birds and butterflies. Visitors will also hear about Rhado-Deudron, the most famous flower in the region.

Chin women of KChoLand and “Naga” on the native of Chin States having tattooed faces will give a unique impression in your life. Reaching here, you can see them living in the houses among plantations and wearing colorful national dress and doing their housework with the pipes in their mouth. The visitors will be welcomed and greeted by local youths in national dress in ceremonies with bonfires and dances.

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Mount Victoria (Khawnu Mthum, or Natma Taung)
There is no snow through the year on Mt. Victoria together with its flora and fauna, which makes...

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