Kanpetlet, Mindat

  • Location: around 64 miles away from Mindat
  • Inhabitants: southern Chin tribes such as Dai,Yinduu Daa, Upu
  • Main attraction: Mt. Victoria (Nat Ma Taung)
  • Most renowned among Chin State for its scenery of unique beauty and people of unique culture

Kanpetlet is a township at elevation of 1400 meters in Mindat District, southern Chin State, Myanmar. As a mountainous area, Kanpetlet is famous for Mt. Victoria (3109 meters above the sea level), where attracts many travelers who are interested in hiking year after year.

Tourist path is always the most exciting. The road to the Mt. Victoria is as for most the way it follows the local trade route over the hills. Drive in hill winding dirt roads, with high steep on other side, visitors will be surprised by the majestic views of valley. The valley is the place where occur all of common activities in local people’s life. The scenic beauty is really, if has a word to describe its beauty, it will be beautiful, complete rural with fields, streams and fruit trees. Hill farming is done at the terrace fields, cultivating a large range of trees: corns, rice, beans, potatoes, mustard, coffee, mandarins, apples, mulberry and grapes. Oxen carts are rode in a potholed single road by men, wearing their traditional Longyi while women carry water back to the traditional huts built on long, teak stilts. All the houses are built in unison on mountain sides which was an exceptional scene. On the road to The Mountain Oasis resort in Kanpetlet, you will observe young children in traditional dresses playing in the large land areas, or women with their baby in the back pounding rice and the elderly playing nose flute.

At the height of 9000 feet, tourists will arrive at the base camp of the mountain with the views of natural beauty of the pine forests and other spectacular views over the jungle and mountain area. The hidden charm is also reflected in the exotic and colorful forest flowers. Locals said that the whole Mt. Victoria is covered with blood-red Rhododendrons and other few forest flowers. In late November and December, forest definitely trees are covered in the red color, against on the forest floor, tumbling down the steep sides of the ridge with the large yellow flowers of small rhododendrons. Somewhere, around the path, where the light can get in, is a riot of color from small flowers and orchids, as well as lichens, mushrooms and others which thriving in the wet and misty conditions.

When you reach the peak, you could see the beautiful morning clouds between Indian and Chin mountain ranges and feel as you are floating and moving in the clouds. The weather is cold and in the past, there is a thick forest here with abundant wild tigers, leopards and bears, but now there are not much trees: some pines and flowers. You will see birds and several monks walked from their monastery. There is a golden pagoda marking the stop with wonderful views, through breaks in the mist, back down to the Irrawaddy to the east and the coastal plains in the west.

Waking down is not much strenuous as going up. There are less steep slopes along the ridges. Travelers can visit the Eco Lodge and had a delicious Chin meal during the trip to Chin village nearby. In the houses among plantations, tattooed women in colorful traditional dresses do the household chores with smoking pipes in their mouth. A lot of houses are made of leaves and wooden column, decorated by animal skeletons and horns hanging on the walls. At night, the youths welcome and greet visitors in ceremonial fashion complete with bonfires and dances. K’cho is the most popular ethnic in Chin hill with special culture and custom. Nowhere but Chin hill you will see the people play a nose flute. It is a unique musical instrument using for ask other to married. If you come to K’cho land at the right time, you can participate in their festival: Chin National Day on February 20th, K’cho traditional New Year between March and April, and animist traditional ceremony. The festivals are the time locals celebrate after the end of cultivation season, pray for abundant crops and great weather, and relax by dancing around the fire.

It is a great regret if you pass the wild National Park named Khawnu Mthum in your trip. This is a 722 square kilometer park, established in 1997 with the aim of conserving highland biodiversity and preserving an important watershed for the state. Well known as a prime destination for bird watchers, in fact, this is really a collection of bird species. Located at an average elevation of about 1200 meters on the far eastern end of the Himalayan mountain range, it is more favorable accommodation for birds, rare and interesting bird species. The park now is a great biodiversity with many forms of flora and fauna.

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