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For many travelers, poor system of transportation in Myanmar sometimes makes them feel uncomfortable. The only way to travel around the country is plane which is quite expensive and complicated.

However, transportation in Myanmar has had changes for recent years. You can choose one from the following list.


In order to travel to Myanmar, the most suitable mean of transport is air, and the majority of visitors arrive by air at Yangon International Airport. Direct international flights arrive from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei, Kolkata and Kunming on each country’s respective national carriers.

Passengers don’t need to change any money at the airport if they have US dollars, as taxis at the airport require you to pay the set rate in US dollars. The airport is located nine miles from the center of Yangon, and taxis are the best transport option.

Public transport

It can be said that traveling can be unpredictable and uncomfortable. The only way to get around Myanmar is by air. Most of the main cities in the country have small airports with daily flights to the capital. Besides, travelers can only use the following means of transport to move around one city.


First is traveling by boat. This is a great way to see another side of the country while moving between riverside towns. The Bhamo - Mandalay and Mandalay - Bagan routes are particularly popular and scenic, and trips are available in a number of price ranges and comfort levels.


Another interesting means of travel is Myanmar Railways. These trains connect Yangon to the rest of the country, with daily runs connecting the capital and Mandalay. Further services go to Bagan and Inle Lake.


For more adventurous travelers, going by bus is a suitable choice. The state-owned Road Transport Enterprise operates most of the routes and services tend to be uncomfortable and undependable. A handful of private air-conditioned buses also ply a few main routes, offering a better option. In Yangon, most buses depart from the main Aung Mingalar Terminal outside of the city.


The easiest way to get around individual cities is taxis. But they are not counted basing on meters, you’ll need to settle on the fare before getting in. Be prepared to bargain unless you want to pay the higher fares that are thrust upon tourists. Tricycle rickshaws are available everywhere for a much lower cost than regular taxis. Some towns have quaint transport such as horse-drawn carriages, while bicycles make a fun way to explore a place at your leisure. If you plan to do some extended sightseeing, most taxis will happily hire themselves out for the day at a reasonable rate.

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