Shopping in Myanmar

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Almost the trips cannot be completed without buying some souvenirs for family and friends. Although Myanmar is not a luxury shopping heaven in the world, travelers can buy many interesting things in every city in the country. They are paintings, lacquer, silk, traditional cosmetics Myanmar, traditional wooden dolls, cloth bags especially in the Shan and Kanchi.


In Yangon, the most interesting shopping place is Bogyoke Aung San Market. This market locates in the heart of Yangon with nearly 2000 stores, sell everything in Myanmar from handicrafts, wood carvings, carpets, jewelry, silk, clothing…..

Opening hour: 9am to 17pm

Address: Bogyoke Aung San Road


The characterized products in Mandalay are sculptures and statues. One of the best places to buy sculptures in Mandalay is Amara Waddy market.

Inle Lake

Like many other cities in Myanmar, Inle Lake does not have the modern shopping center. Intha people exchange goods on the floating markets, sell all products made by the villages around the lake. Tourists can buy special rolling tobacco, thakhana, canvas bags, paper box…


Tourists should buy lacquer in Bagan. In Myinkaba village at Bagan, more than 600 households make this product, so you can buy it without worrying about quality.


-Tourists should ask prices, bargain prices when buying, even at the store listing price.

-Do not buy old Buddha statues, Customs Myanmar will hold.

-Should purchase gold and jewelry in licensed shops and retain receipts.

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For many travelers, poor system of transportation in Myanmar sometimes makes them feel uncomfortable. The only way to travel around the country is plane which is quite expensive and complicated.


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