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Myanmar is a Buddhism country and it is famous as the Golden Land. Otherwise, it is also called the Land of Pagodas. So when coming to Myanmar, tourists should know the behaviors both in public and religious monuments.


"Mingalarbar" when meeting each other

"U" (for male) in front of the names for adult persons

"Daw" (for female) in front of the names for adult persons

Wear decent clothes to the pagodas or monasteries

Let the oldest be served first

Show respect to monks, novices and nuns

Offer articles with both hands

Keep the feet on the ground

Bend a bit when crossing close in front of the elders

Dress and act decent

Speak slowly and clearly

Take your bag with you at the hotel

Seek permission on retrieving an article above a person's head

Bring some medicines to be safe

Behave in a proper manner


Don't wear the shoes and shorts at the pagodas and monasteries

Don't sit with back against Buddha Image

Don't offer to shake hands with a monk

A woman should not touch a monk

Avoid being a nuisance when taking photograph

Don't handle Buddha Images or sacred object with disrespect

Don't keep Buddha Images or sacred objects in inappropriate places

Don't step on a monk's shadow

Don't touch anybody on the head

Don't touch a woman on any part of the body

Don't point a finger straight in the face

Don't step over any part of the person

Don't gamble

Don't go where you are advised not to go

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