Myanmar Traditional Costume

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Being different from other countries where their traditional costumes are only used in special occasions or New Year days because of hot climate, the traditional costume of Myanmar, Paso for men and Longyi for women are daily worn. Basically,it is a piece of smooth cloth or striped fabric for men and flowered material for women.

Within less than 5 seconds, the cloth is wrapped around the hips as a pant or skirt. And more interestingly, if necessary, Paso or Longyi is used as a rain coat or wrapped in form of a solid cap for women to carry goods (fruits, rice and food) on their head without a hand- holding. In Bago, women also use Longyi as a hammock to bring their children when going to work. This costume makes the wearers cannot move in a long footstep. However, they can change the way of wrapping into comfortable pants to run.

Price of the dress is quite suitable for the people, cheaper than the clothes imported from Thailand, China. Another important reason for the existence of the traditional dress in daily life is more than 85% of Myanmar population following Buddhist, whose life associates with the temple, of which there are many famous temples such as Shwedagon Pagoda or another spiritual and religious wonders Kyaithtiyo temple. Therefore, Paso and Longyi make it easy for Myanmar Buddhists sitting in meditation posture and discreet.

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