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Each Myanmar family maintains many traditional rituals. These factors are considered as an integral part of their spiritual life. From time of being born to passing away, the new member of the family are marked by the appropriate etiquette with age.

The first is giving name for a child. When the child is a month old, the family invites neighbors and relatives to their ceremony. The child is gotten a haircut and a bath with scented water kept in a silver bowls. Those who attend party will drop some silver coins into the bowl.

The Burmese favors Buddhism. All boys must spend sometime living in temple to save their soul. The Myanmar proverb says: “Snakes are beautiful by skin, people are fine by their soul”. Therefore, the young Burmese need taking their time in temple to wash their soul. The Burmese think that people have to experience the austerity in temple in order to disdain the travesty and keep the truth values.

The day when a child goes to temple is considered to be the festival of family. On this day, musicians are invited to their house and many dishes are prepared. Father will lead his boy to the temple in loud music and claps of attendees. The child is very proud with gold- painted hat, umbrella and sit on horseback. In front of him is a gift to the temple. At the temple, monks shave the boy’s hair. Then his parents wrap his hair into a white cloth and bury it near the temple.

For girls, they are made natduin ceremony when gold earrings are worn in their ears. Girls will be wearing dresses and makeup as a female in the administration of Mandaylay King.

Wedding day is really an important day in the Burmese’s conception, so they prepare very carefully for that day. They read their horoscope to choose a good day for wedding. Especially, they have chosen the happiest couple among their friends to be the master of ceremonies in a hope of a similar happiness for newlywed couples. In wedding party, people often use a silk to tie the hands of the bride and groom, then they eat in a bowl. Guests gift them some money to help them start a new family.

When a person unfortunately passes away, relatives and close neighbors also attend funeral. Like some other countries in Asia, they wash, shroud, coffin and sit up with the dead in two days. The Burmese think that sleeping in the dead’s house within a week after the funeral is an honor.

The above rituals are only held within the family, but it shows clearly customs and spiritual life of Burmese. All rituals, whether for a newborn baby or an adult are organized in the spiritual and cozy atmosphere.

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