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Ms. Alison Robb Singapore
Legendary Myanmar Tour 05 days

Hi Kay,

Thank you very much for your email and the offer is gratefully received.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Myanmar.  We know we only saw a very small part of your beautiful country and do hope to return soon.

The whole intinerary you put together was very good.  The guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and interesting, each giving us a different view of your culture and sights. We very much enjoyed their company albeit for such a short time.  For Nangswoi Kham to be with us for virtually part of three days and to sleep away from home was very much appreciated.    The lunch time restaurants that were selected were excellent and we very much enjoyed the local food which was very fresh. 

The drivers were also very good and very courteous.  The boat people were also very capable. 

We enjoyed all of the hotels.

The only downside, which we know is not under your control, were the very early flights especially going from Yangon to Bagan.  However Bagan was a very relaxing place and our guide, Kyaw Thu Win knew we would be tired and gave us a couple of hours to recover at our hotel later in the day which was refreshing for us. 

We were taken aback with how cold it was in Inle Lake but then we probably should have done our homework a bit better.  We had cardigans but it was cold in the evening and mornings.  Having the blanket on the boat was very welcoming.  And also the hotel put on extra bed covers and even hot water bottles which was appreciated.

I have mentioned to many of my friends how wonderful your country is so hopefully they will consider visiting.

With kind regards and thanks.

Alison Robb

Ms. Alison Robb

  • Ms. Alison Robb
  • Ms. Alison Robb
  • Ms. Alison Robb
Mr. Geoff Norman Canada
The Soul Of Myanmar 13 days

Dear Ms. Kay Khine Win

We have attached the evaluation form, but thought we would like to write some more details so that other travellers could profit from our experience.

First of all, let me congratulate you on the superb way your staff looked after us. This is the first time that we have ever gone with a tour company; previously we did it all ourselves. Looking back, we realize that, while we might have been able to do many of the things on our own, we would have only seen half of what we were able to see with your guides’ help. We enjoyed all of them, and we were very impressed by how they changed things as we went along to accommodate many of our wishes. As one example, by the time we got to Mandalay, we were pretty well full of pagodas. So the guide adapted the tour to show us more of the crafts.

Now for the tour one day at a time:

1)   Yangon

The switch from Best Western Chinatown to Green Hill was a very good idea. We drove by Chinatown,and though it was more central it was on a very busy street. Green Hill was a very nice hotel, in a quiet neoghbourhood, and still central.

2)   Mawlamyaing

I know you only went there at our suggestion. Lonely Planet described it as a Pyinoolwin of the south, but it really is not worth the trip. The market in Bago was really interesting. The hotel (the Strand) was fine, but the town was really quite uninteresting. The trip to Ogre Island, which I guess was added in, was unforgettable. We were on a local ferry boat, designed to hold about 75 people, with only about 15 life preservers. However there were at least 250 people on the boat. Fortunately we did not have to sit cross-legged on the floor. Once we got over the comparison with Syrian refugees, it was memorable. However crafts on Ogre Island were not that interesting, and boucing around in the back of a pickup truck was not much fun. But we have only ourselves to blame.

The trip to Golden Rock was also memorable, and the Mountain Top Hotel was very nice. Unfortunately the Rock was under renovation, so we just people-watched. But the trip was still worth it.

The Mon village in Bago was not really very interesting.

3) Bagan

 Fantastic in every way. The temples, pagodas and stupas are amazing. The Amazing Resort Hotel was wonderful and we actually got a swim in. The visit to the lacquerware shop was very interesting. However the real highlight was, I think, something that the guide came up with – the horse drawn cart ride at sunset through the stupas. We skipped the monastery – we had gone to one in Bago.This was the high point of the visit, showing us a perspective we would not see any other way.

4)   Inle

Everything about Inle was wonderful. We enjoyed the five day market. Driving around on the boat was great. Of course seeing the fishermen on their canoes was great. And the hotel was simply amazing, with a great restaurant. We saw weaving, silversmithing and blacksmithing but skipped the rice and bamboo.

The trip to Kakku was actually very interesting. Mostly for the Pa O guide, who was a charming young woman. She stopped at a local market which was very nice. The stupas were quite different and worth the trip.

5)   Pyinoolwin

This side trip was worth the effort. It was great to get out of the heat of Mandalay up into the hills. The town is quite beautiful, and the gardens are spectacular. Our hotel, whose name I have forgotten, was quite nice.

6)   Mandalay

One day in Mandalay was quite enough. We were shown the stone carving, gold leaf making. The Amazing Hotel in Mandalay was quite disappointing. On a  very busy street, and the restaurant was not very good.

Mr. Geoff Norman

  • Mr. Geoff Norman
  • Mr. Geoff Norman
Mr. Martin Chamussy France
3 days – Bagan – Mandalay (Pandaw cruise)

Lilly Kao,   Unfortunately, my wife and our youngest daughter did not make the cruise because of illness, but the rest of us had a great time with Orion Pandaw and did appreciate the service and attention on board, and excursions. Cabins and excursions did meet all of my expectations. Catering and service largely exceeded my expectations.   Thanks for this cruise, have a happy year 2016.   Martin chamussy

Mr. Martin Chamussy

  • Mr. Martin Chamussy
  • Mr. Martin Chamussy
  • Mr. Martin Chamussy
  • Mr. Martin Chamussy
  • Mr. Martin Chamussy
Mr. Shi Wei China
8 days Mandalay – Bagan – Mandalay

Dear Lilly,


Thank you again for the email. Yes, we made it safely back in Shanghai now. It was not easy to fly back, but it's totally worth it since we had a wonderful trip on the Road to Mandalay cruise! Thanks again for the assistance and coordination along the way! 

We fell in love with the beautiful sceneries and, in the crew, the other passengers and the local people we met, they're just so lovely that we didn't want to leave the cruise! We will definitely recommend other friends to come visit Myanmar (and actually some already started their planning) I will also recommend them to you it they have any cruise plans in Myanmar. 

Here I'm attaching one of the pictures we took in Mandalay, the stunning sunset by the U Bein bridge, you and people in Myanmar are so lucky to have such blessed scenery every day! And we sincerely wish this beautiful country prosperity and peace.

We're in love with this country already and will definitely come back. (Inhe Lake will be a must since we haven't been there yet) Look forward to the next trip in Myanmar!


Shi Wei (Vincent Shi)

Mr. Shi Wei

  • Mr. Shi Wei
Mr. Guido Van Liefferinge Belgium
22 days in Myanmar

Hello Kay, 

Has I told you during our encounter I was very pleased with the adequate service I got from you even as the problems where not your responsibility but cruise. 

I will certainly promote your company with friends who want to visit one day your beautiful country. 

Thanks in advance. 

Kind regards, 


Mr. Guido Van Liefferinge

  • Mr. Guido Van Liefferinge

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