Mt. Popa, Bagan

  • Location: About 50 km Southeast of Bagan in the Pegu Range
  • Elevation: 1518 M
  • Prominence: 1150 M
  • Type: Stratovolcano
  • Vehicles: Bus, truck, taxi or hiking
  • Attraction: Best known as a pilgrimage site, with numerous Nat temples and relic sites atop the mountain

Around 55 kilometers Southeast of Bagan, Mt. Popa is an inactive volcano of 1518 meters high. Each year, the mountain draws thousands of visitors.

The name ‘popa’ derives from a Pali word, puppa, which means flower. The activity that attracts tourists most is climbing up to the top of the mountain. It takes about half an hour to complete 777 stair steps of Mt. Popa, but it is worth the effort. On the top of Mt. Popa is Popa Taungkalat Monastery, the home for 37 Mahagiri spirits – or nats in Burmese language. Also, there, you can catch sight of the whole surrounding area, alluring Ayeyarwaddy River, lovely small villages, and perhaps a wonderful sunset.

Mt. Popa Tours

  •  Meditate in magical sunset over the world-famous Shwedagon pagoda
  •   Discover dried plain of Bagan and its ancient temples and pagodas
  •   Sail upstream Irrawaddy river to exotic temple of Kyuak Gu U Min
  •   Enjoy horse-cart ride around the immortal capital of Ava
  •   Explore amazing collection of Buddha images in Pindaya cave
  •   Get closer to tribal life and culture with a trek through Danu hill village
  •   Learn local technique to cultivate typical floating gardens on Inle Lake
  •   Unwind on pristine beach of Ngapali
Experiences :
Only From $2,697 $2,967
  •  Walk down Yangon busy street and admire fine art of colonial buildings
  •   Take in magical scene of the glowing Shwedagon pagoda over sunset time
  •   Explore Bagan's splendid history with ancient architectural temples and pagodas
  •   Learn how exquisitely famous lacquerware products of Bagan are made out
  •   Hike up Mt. Popa and get insights of local religion on mountain top manastery
  •   Undertake a scenic river journey to visit Kyauk Gu U Min temple
Experiences :
Only From $665 $735

Attractions In Bagan

Ananda Temple
Ananda Temple is one of the largest and most well kept Buddhist constructions of Bagan in...
Bagan Archaeological Museum
Situated in northern Bagan, Old Bagan to be exact, Bagan Archaeological Museum has been put into...
Dhammayan Gyi Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple is the most colossal Buddhist edifice in Bagan built by King Narathu, the son...
Dhammayazika Pagoda
Situated in Pwasaw, Southern Bagan, Dammayazika Pagoda was constructed by King Narapatisithu in the...
Htilominlo Temple
About only 1.5 kilometers northeast of Bagan, Htilominlo Temple was built in 1211 after the name of...
Kyansittha Cave Temple
Kyansittha Cave Temple, also known as Kyansittha Umin, is located at western Nyaung U. Although its...
Kyaukgu Umin Temple
Located around three kilometers east of Nyaung U, Kyauk Gu U Min is a construction mainly built of...
Maha Bodhi Phaya
Situated in Bagan, Myanmar, Mahabodhi Temple was originally constructed in the 13th century and...
Manuha Temple
Located at Myinkaba village, Manuha Temple is a rectangular base construction with two white-washed...
Mt. Popa
Around 55 kilometers Southeast of Bagan, Mt. Popa is an inactive volcano of 1518 meters high. Each...
Myazedi Pagoda
Located between Bagan and Myinkaba Village, Myazedi, meaning Jade Pagoda, is a structure consists...
Myinkaba Gubyaukgyi Temple
Being the only Buddhist construction of Bagan situated near Myazedi, Gubyaukgyi Temple has a thing...
Nan Paya Temple
Lying next to Manuha Temple, Nan Paya is an 11th century temple whose interiors were made of bricks...
Nyaung U Market
Located in the northeastern part of Bagan, Nyaung U Market is Nyaung U Village's local market....
Sa Lay
Sale, also known as Salay, is a religious center located at the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River,...
Shwesandaw Pagoda
The Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan is one of the four Buddhist constructions in Burma bearing the same...
Shwezigon Paya
Located in Nyaung U, Shwezigon Pagoda represents the original structure for all later typical...
Sulamani Temple
Settled at Minnanthu Village on the southwestern part of Bagan Sulamani, Sulamani Temple is a...
That Byin Nyu Temple
Thatbyinnyu Temple is the highest Buddhist construction in Bagan with a height of around 61 meters....
Wetkyi in Gubyaukgyi Temple
Situated near Wetkyi-In Village, Gubyaukgyi Temple was built after the Mahabodhi Temple of India,...

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