Chaung Thar

  • Location: about 248 km from Yangon
  • Name meaning: Pleasant Stream
  • Status: an attractive wide beach with a muddy delta look
  • Major attraction: a small pagoda in its southern end
  • Famous for its fresh and fairly priced seafood; more affordable than Ngapali and Ngwe Saung

Mentioning Myanmar, you may think of a country full of pagodas on scenic mountains, and of course, no place for beautiful beaches. However, if you once came to Chaung Tha Beach, you would change your mind because this is certainly one of tranquilly unspoiled beaches in Southeast Asia. Located around 154 miles from the Capital City of Yangon and only 34 miles from Pathein, Chaung Tha is the nearest ocean resort available to foreign tourists, being easily reached from Yangon in half a day by road.

The beauty of the beach is right implied in the name “Chaung Tha”.  Chaung Tha receives its name from the small stream (Chaung) which flowed at the western part of the village. Tha means pleasant in the Burmese language. Thus, Chaung Tha means ‘Pleasant Stream’ in Burmese. Indeed, being an attractive wide beach with a muddy delta look, Chaung Tha is not only full of coconut palms but casuarinas trees found at the back of the beach. While listening to the whispering of the wind in the trees and the beat of waves crashing onto the shore, you would relax in your rattan chair amidst the balmy breezes, finding yourself visibly relaxing and your cares and tensions slipping away.

The beach itself is a long expanse of golden sand. Each hotel tries to clean their own beachside daily. Many beach vendors ply their trade but are not pushy; some carry fresh live seafood and will barbecue it for you upon request. There are 13 top class hotels in Chaung Tha to cater to their every need. Some of the well-known ones are Max Hotel, Lai Lai Hotel, Ambo Hotel and Khine Chaung Tha. Those who find the atmosphere of cities stifling, the pressures of work stressful and the responsibilities of modern life becoming burdensome, may shed their manifold worries for a while by visiting and enjoying a restful holiday interlude at Chaung Tha. This beach resort is expanding fast and you can now find many beach side resort hotels along the beach front. Step from your chalet straight onto the beach. Although there are not so many foreign visitors, the number is growing and the hotels are upgrading their facilities to accommodate them.

Your trip to this beach and resort can be more enjoyable with a wide range of specialties by the hospitable local. Chaung Tha Beach is well-known for crab dishes, which are processed carefully and skillfully to attract the eyes of tourists with full of color and charming smell. Besides, fresh coconut juice will draw you out of stress and worry, adding more species into your meaningful trip to Chaung Tha.

Visiting here, you will have chance to experience a lot of fun activities. Those who wish to engage in playful activities on the beach may take a dip in the ocean and ride the ocean waves or take a traditional bullock cart ride along the extensive stretches of the sandy beach. Others may prefer to stroll along the seashore and visit nearby villages to sample the local cuisine, and buy trinkets and ornaments fashioned from sea shells, cowries, mother of pearl, huge rock-shrimp and crabs, fossilized marine flora and unusual coral formations to take back as souvenirs or presents upon your departure.

Attractions In Chaung Thar

Chaung Tha Beach
Chaung Tha Beach is very beautiful for holidays, especially suitable to Myanmar domestic tourists...
Chaung Tha Town
Chaung Tha coast town locates in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. Now you can find many beach side...

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