Chaung Tha Town, Chaung-Thar

  • Location: In the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar
  • Vehicles: Taxi, bus, motorbike taxi
  • Attractions: Chaung Tha beach

Chaung Tha coast town locates in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. Now you can find many beach side resort hotels along the beach. They are upgrading the facilities of hotels in order to cater all demands of more and more foreign visitors to Chaung Tha.

To arrive in Chaung Tha from Yangon, it takes you 5-6 hours and about 10 US$ to take buses at 6am and 9pm (only in high season). And you go back Yangon at 6am and occasionally 10am. Besides, you need to pay 5000 kyats to transfer from the centre to the bus station in the suburb. In case you take taxis, your group should have more than 3 people, which helps you to reduce the transfer cost. For returning route, you had better negotiate with the driver to stay in town and then bring you back if you spend a few days there. Additionally, motorbike taxis are always available at most hotels’ outsides, which can drive you to reach Pokala Island with around 2 US$.

Visitors are very satisfactory to walk along the beach for meals and relaxing. On the main road, you will be supplied in various restaurants with tasteful fresh seafood and the typical Myanmar cuisine. There are many shops and street stalls along the beach road for you to buy souvenirs, local snack foods and beach clothing or buy fish and vegetables in local market.

Attractions In Chaung Thar

Chaung Tha Beach
Chaung Tha Beach is very beautiful for holidays, especially suitable to Myanmar domestic tourists...
Chaung Tha Town
Chaung Tha coast town locates in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar. Now you can find many beach side...

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