Akha villages, Keng-Tung

The Akha, or Kawtribes are the second largest in Shan Statewith population of several thousand people. They live in the mountainous areas east of the Thanlwin River.

Visiting the Akha village, the first sight is carved wooden gates, headed over by guardian spirits.The gates at the end of the village are thought to protect the village from the surrounding forest, where has many nature spirits wandering. Like most other hill tribes, the Akha build their houses with wood and bamboo, heavy reed roofs and wooden floors raised above the ground. Each group of elders manages their own village, usually the leaders of households or their sons. These leaders make important decisions; elect the village priest and the headman. You will see local people busy at sewing. It has interesting festivals for the harvest of mountain rice.

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Akha villages
The Akha, or Kawtribes are the second largest in Shan State with population of several thousand...
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